Diane Johnson

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Reiki Practitioner

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You don't need to spend your days...
- limited by pain
- anxious about bathroom trips
- frustrated by mood swings and uncontrollable cravings
- exhausted and not understanding why
- angry when people tell you, "It's all in your head."
- lost, hopeless and scared
There IS hope.
I help individuals understand and heal the root cause of their digestive and GI issues, mood swings, cravings and exhaustion by introducing new nutrition and lifestyle strategies that are sustainable and enjoyable so you can feel better, love your body and fall in love with life again.All programs are a minimum of 2 months and include:
- 90 minute initial consultation
- Nutritional Symptomatology Profile
- 60 minute weekly coaching calls
- Meal plans/recipe guides
- Specific nutrition recommendations
- Supplement recommendations and ordering
- 2 distance Reiki sessions per month


B.A., B.Ed

It was a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 21 that spurred Diane's interest in holistic nutrition and healing. Her journey since then has been one of creating a life that is, in every essence, medicine. Food, mindset, energetics and a career and family that she loves are her daily sources of healing.Diane began her professional career as a high school physical education teacher and volleyball coach. As her explorations of health and healing deepened, she realized that her passion for teaching and coaching needed to evolve. She stepped away from her formal career and was certified in yoga and holistic nutrition.For the past 12 years, Diane has helped clients who are struggling with digestive issues, blood sugar management, adrenal fatigue and weight loss.Her unique model focusses on 3 pillars.
1) HEALING the gut
2) BALANCING blood sugar
3) RESTING the nervous system
Each client's journey is unique and can include food sensitivity testing, specific food recommendations, supplementation, meal plans and recipe guides, mindset and mindfulness strategies, weekly coaching calls and Reiki.When Diane isn't working with clients, you will find her enjoying time outside, with her family, gardening, in the mountains, playing or coaching volleyball or trying a new recipe......and living the life of her dreams, that at one point in time, she was never sure would be possible.Her journey has come to show her that anything is possible.


Your own journey of healing and discovery awaits.

Thank you

I look forward to speaking with you soon.